Backlog of European Human Rights cases at 150,000

Setting aside the issue of the huge public expense of the unlimited ways in which Human rights issued are being used on cases in England & Wales, there is also the issue of the ludicrous backlog of 150,000 cases lodged in Europe.

It is virtually if not totally inconceivable that this number of cases can ever be dealt with without a massive expansion of resources and even then, we could be looking at decades. This all just shows, in our view, that the Human Rights debacle has now got completely out of control.

Apparently, discussions are ongoing ay Governmental level about what to do with the backlog and it appears that Ken Clarke may also argue Britain’s case that the debate must be extended to a more restrictive approach to the types of issues which can be taken to the European level, not least due to the huge uncertainty the whole process causes as to what the law might be after a case is finally heard at the European level.