There’s a lot of talk about human rights and what people can and can’t say and do. This is certainly the case for those in employment, many of who are facing rising living costs and falling wages. In the current economic climate, many workers fear for their jobs as well as their overall health, especially if they were to suffer injury on the job. Workplace accidents can be costly to those who suffer them, as the resulting injury can leave them with no choice but to leave their job in order to recover.

Workplace safety is something most employers take very seriously. However, a number of companies may see making their premises a secure environment for their employees an expense they can do without, especially in these troubled economic times. Cutting back on office safety measures is sure to come at the expense of workers, particularly those who work in industries such as construction and manufacturing, but if you’re in a workplace that doesn’t seem safe, what are your rights?

It is the employer’s duty to ensure that their workplace is as safe and secure as possible. They hold total responsibility for the well-being of all their employees. If they don’t make sure that their premises are hazard-free, there’s a slight chance that one or more of their workers may end up becoming injured through no fault of their own, and may have to leave their job and therefore forfeit income while taking time off to recover. This is a scenario no-one wants to find themselves in, but if they do, what are their options?

If you’ve been injured at work, you have rights. You can take action against your employer by making a compensation claim. Losing income and seeing your health deteriorate because of their negligence is very difficult to cope with, but by claiming  you could at least have the means to pay for medical care and the basics while you recuperate.

As long as you have proof of your injury, your employer’s negligence and any financial loss incurred, not to mention expert legal advice by your side, you can make a claim against your boss. If you do, you might fear being sacked as a result of this move, but it’s illegal for any employer to dismiss one of their employees if they take legal action against them. This will ensure that you can go ahead with your claim without fearing too much, especially if you claim on a no win, no fee basis.

Claiming against your employer is the best thing to do after suffering a serious workplace injury. In doing so, you have a chance of replenishing your depleted personal finances, while, if your claim is a success; you’ll feel that justice has been done. Going down this route may seem a little harsh, but if your health and finances have been endangered by your employer’s lack of care for your safety, it’s the right thing to do.